Basic: Entry-Level Managed Web Presence Package

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$600.00 / month and a $250.00 sign-up fee

Have Questions? Book a Demo / Q&A Strategy Session here: https://book.quantumagency.io 

The Entry-Level Package Overview:

  • Marketing & Sales Support
  • Account Success Manager
  • White-Label Agency/Client Support Desk
  • Enterprise-Class Managed WP Website Hosting
  • Managed Web Presence SEO/Local SEO

Have Questions? Book a Demo / Q&A Strategy Session here: https://book.quantumagency.io 

The Entry-Level Managed Web Presence Package Includes:

Wholesale Cost: $600/month + $250 one-time signup fee
Suggested Retail Price: $1250-1500/month with $1500-2000 month 1 fee

Enterprise-Class Website Hosting Solution ($250/mo value):

    • Private Tier 1 Enterprise Server
      • Unlimited bandwidth and up to 128GB SSD disk storage**
      • Unparalleled performance for SEO
    • Private IP Address (huge for SEO)
    • Full Server SSL plus Cloudflare managed DNS
    • 7G Server-Level Web Application Firewall
    • DDOS attack protection and server malware scanning
    • Managed WordPress hosting (staging, maintenance, updates, backups)
      • Infinite WP Console Management
      • Staging site environment
      • WP Time Capsule with off-site backups
      • Dual-cloned servers for failover/redundancy (optional upgrade)
    • 24×7 White-Label Support Desk (Email and Portal)
    • WP site hardening and security measures deployed on setup
    • Premium Performance Enhancements
      • WP Rocket Pro
      • Lighthouse testing and tweaks
    • Premium Security Suite
      • VirusDie Anti-virus/Anti-malware site tool
      • WebArx Security firewall, IP logger, scanner
    • RankMath SEO Pro plugin with Local SEO and multi-location features
    • Google SiteKit plugin
      • Google Analytics
      • Google Search Console (GSC) setup
    • Gravity Forms Pro plugin
      • Optional HighLevel or other CRM integration
    • WP SMTP mail with SendGrid® integration
    • Quantum Newswire™ plugin
    • Elementor Pro plugin (only when applicable/viable)
    • ADA Level-One compliance plugin (does NOT bring a site into 100% compliance)
    • KML and XML Sitemap creation and submission
    • Tracking Code Manager plugin
    • Optional: Any WPMU Dev plugins that may be desired for add-on functionality
    • Optional: Reviews widget slider with GMB integration
    • Optional: Integrated Web Chat (Only one-time setup of $300, no monthly fee ever!)
    • Optional: WP Affiliate integration (custom quote)
    • Optional: Advanced Custom Fields and automation integration (custom quote)
    • Optional: Membership, Profile and Directory sites (custom quote)
    • Optional: Identify website visitors with full name and email without a form fill ($150-350/mo add-on)

Our Entry-Level Managed Web Presence SEO Package includes:

  • Month One Setup

    1. Website signaling technology deployed to the client’s website AND in Amazon Cloud
      • Enterprise Media Room integration
      • Twitter API integration
      • Reddit API integration
      • GBP/Google Reviews API integration
      • Google Maps API integration
    2. GMB/GBP listing optimization in month one
    3. Website on-page optimization in month one (3-5 pages)
    4. Authority listings sync
    5. Data Aggregator enrollment
    6. Google entity cloud stack build for instant authoritative brand assets
    7. Citation/Listing enrollment for instant NAP and location juice plus 100’s of new referring domains
    8. Cloud Marketing and Reporting Center provisioning
      1. Gray-label reporting dashboard enrollment (connects Google Analytics, Google Search Console, GBP Listing Insights)
      2. Gray-label social media management software (self-service with Facebook and GMB integrations)
      3. Gray-label reputation management software (self-service with Facebook and GMB integrations)
  • One (1) Topical Content Hive™ which includes:

    1. One (1) custom, optimized long-form blog article (pillar content)
    2. One (1) custom press release about the blog article
    3. Up to five (5) common/frequent questions and answers (1 per week)
    4. Up to five (5) GMB social posts (1 per week)
  • Local and Organic Ranking Factor Generation

    1. Pillar content publication to the target site blog
      • RSS Feed syndication to branded blog tier
    2. Press Release distribution and publication with guaranteed pickups
      • 80-120 Do Follow Links per month
      • 20+ citation signals per month
      • 40+ brand mentions per month
      • 80+ referring domains
      • Patch publication
    3. One (1) GBP Signal Cluster™ (Q&A, photo, post)

      • 1 Q&A post per week
      • 1 Photo upload per week
      • 1 GMB/GBP post/offer/event per week
    4. One (1) Quantum Signal Boost™

      • Leverages high-authority blogs and content platforms
      • Supports the content/posts from the Topical Content Hive™
      • Tier 2 and Tier 3 supporting links
    5. Website Technical Improvements

      • Core Web Vitals
        • We can only advise on improvements if we don’t host the site
        • If not in WordPress, site speed is often something we cannot control at all
        • If in WordPress and we have admin access, we have a paid/developer plugin to help with site caching and tweaks to improve load times
      • On-Page SEO for additional site pages is NOT included in this package. Upgrade to mid-level or advanced level for this tier of service.

The Topical Content Hive™ is a copyrighted component and consists of a compilation of NLP-driven content engineered to improve topical authority, domain authority, and entity authority.

The GBP Signal Cluster™ is a copyrighted and unique approach to generating topical relevancy, local relevancy, and prominence around the target entity’s GBP listing.

Quantum Signal Boost™ is a copyrighted and proprietary solution to dramatically enhance the efficacy of a press release published on our platform. This is a very effective process that takes about 2-3 weeks after we have published the press release to the media rooms.

What are some of the unique features of the Quantum Signal Boost™ service?

  • Only High Domain Authority Websites.
  • We DON’T use spammy websites, PBNs, or services just to say that we have a ton of websites.
  • 10 types of keywords for maximum diversity.
  • Advanced Link Matching Feature.
  • Auto Link Diversity using an accurate percentage of keywords used.
  • Articles’ keywords and links are calculated using a real algorithm to ensure keyword diversity.
  • Duplicate protection. Real duplicate protection algorithm that ensures unique keywords and links in each article.
  • Accounts protection. Bind your accounts with specific proxies and avoid bans.

NOTE: This solution MAY NOT be enough to move the needle on the map and organic rankings, especially for multiple topics or business categories. Monitor the results after 3 months of service but this is the starter level for a reason and we cannot guarantee that this will be enough content and signal generation to achieve page 1 rankings in every case. We reserve the right to implement other components at a later date to help the campaign after the first 90 days and determine outcome analysis.

Scope of Core GMB/GBP Optimization Services:

  • Local Web Presence Audit and Graded Report
  • Top Local Competitor Research and Report
  • GMB NAP audit and updates/corrections (we audit against the USPS system)
  • GMB Hours audit and updates as needed
  • GMB Categories optimization
  • GMB Service Area(s) optimization
  • GMB Description optimization
  • GMB Business.site publication
  • GMB URL optimization
  • GMB Services optimization (services content generated from website)
  • GMB Photos optimization (requires photos of the interior, exterior office and team and/or product images supplied by client)
  • 1 monthly GMB/GBP signal cluster (Q&A, photo, post = 1 cluster)

The 2022 Local Ranking Factors by Lane Houk and Quantum Agency

Please Note: We do not provide a complete website overhaul as part of our monthly packages. We conduct one-hour monthly improvements to the GMB listing and/or the website pages relating to technical SEO improvements but this is not a replacement for a full website technical SEO and on-page SEO overhaul which many sites really need, including better content and/or additional content to deepen the website’s relevancy for the target keywords. If this type of larger project is needed or desired, this can be discussed and we can provide a scope of work and price estimate for you and the client.

If your client needs a new website we can provide an estimate for you with payment options you can present to the prospect/client, just ask! We can affordably design, re-design or convert existing websites at wholesale costs. 

Have Questions? Book a Demo + Q&A Strategy Session here: https://book.quantumagency.io 


** Website hosting accounts allow for unlimited bandwidth under normal and reasonable conditions. “Unlimited” does not refer to traffic types prohibited by these TOS, including, but not limited to, trunking, access stimulation, documented bot traffic, or traffic that results from a compromise or suspicious offshore IPs. All unlimited plans are subject to fair usage and the terms and restrictions of our full TOS.

1 review for Basic: Entry-Level Managed Web Presence Package

  1. LAH

    Lane and his team at Quantum do outstanding work. I have worked with several different agencies and can tell you these folks play at a very high level. Their understanding of how the Google algorithm work and how to get results are outstanding. Highly recommend. — Bill Crawford

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