Self-Serve Website Builder with AWS Hosting

$49.00 / month

Build stunning, code-free websites including unlimited pages and free hosting on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Build the websites your clients dream of at a price point they can afford thanks to Mono’s focus on efficiency while never compromising on design and performance.

Our simple WYSIWYG (what-you-see-is-what-you-get) editor interface uses pre-configured content rows on top of a flexible design grid to make it easy for anyone to build a website regardless of their technical skill level. In our experience, our Partners can easily build a full 5-10 page website in under an hour!

Getting started is easy – simply select a template, enter basic business information for the website client and choose base-level design elements  (you can always change any of this later) and voila, you’re ready to start building.

  • Unlimited website pages: You can add as many website pages as you need in order for you to fulfill all your clients’ needs.
  • FREE hosting on Amazon Web Services (AWS): Our platform offers free, unlimited web hosting so you can create and publish all in one place. There is no limit on-site storage and bandwidth.
  • Enjoy code-free designs: The website Platform is entirely code-free and can be used by anyone. You can easily add HTML and CSS code if needed to further customize the design or add plugins.
  • Fully optimized for search: Sites built on the Platform use HTML5, are W3C validated, have minimized HTML & CSS, experience ultimate speed performance, utilize schema.org microdata markup and more.
  • Easy SMB adoption: The editor interface is highly user friendly which makes it optimal for end-user access so you can allow your clients to edit their website themselves.
  • SEO-friendly blog: Websites include an easy-to-use blog that gives your SMB clients the opportunity to showcase their expertise and drive organic traffic to their website.
  • Easy personalization: Also included in the Website is a dynamic personalization feature called On-Site Engagements that lets you target specific on-site behaviors with personalized calls-to-action (CTAs).
  • Built-in customer database: Incoming form fills, newsletter sign-ups and more can be set up to filter directly into Customers, a built-in database where all core customer data can be centrally managed.


The Blog feature is database-driven and includes all the features you expect including comment management.

SEO checker
All on-page SEO elements are super easy to edit and manage. Don’t sweat technical SEO – our platform has it covered.

Create conversion-driven forms to capture leads, receive quote requests, gather testimonials and more.

Password-protected pages
Make website content exclusive with password protected areas that can be accessed through a login module.

Page templates
Leverage a wide variety of predefined pages and content rows for fast website production including price plans, galleries and more.

Drag and drop editing
Inserting new content is quickly done in just a few clicks. All existing elements can easily be moved via drag-and-drop.

Animations and effects
Impress clients with code-free animations that bring life to any website and win the attention from the end-user.

Content management
Upload and store images and files in the built-in file manager. It’s a central repository for everything uploaded to the Mono Editor.

Responsive viewports
Easily edit the content displayed on desktop, tablet and mobile viewports.

Accessibility settings
Create WCAG compliant websites with intuitive accessibility features.

API-first platform
The platform is API-first and developer-friendly.

SSL certificates
Add an SSL certificate to your customer's website as an industry-standard layer of protection.

Multi-language editor
The editor is available in several languages.

GDPR compliance
The Editor allows you to build websites with built-in GDPR compliance.

Custom CSS
If you can imagine it, you can build it by using custom CSS wherever needed.

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