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Why Use Quantum's SEO Audit Services?

It’s a good idea to perform a full, in-depth SEO audit before embarking on any link-building or SEO campaign. Our free SEO tool will provide you initial insights into whether your site needs off-site or on-page SEO, but a full in-depth SEO audit is the best way to start your journey toward better rankings and increased search traffic. Use our free website analysis tool to get quick insights emailed to you!

Backlink Audits

Perform a thorough audit of your entire backlink profile to identify and mitigate any potentially detrimental or spammy links. Assess the websites linking to yours and evaluate their impact on your domain authority.

Technical SEO Audits

Is your website fully optimized in the backend? We conduct audits on your HTML elements to ensure keyword inclusion and to optimize crawling and indexing for optimal performance

Content Audits

Find out if your content satisfies Google's quality indicators by evaluating factors like topical depth, word count, relevance, and page experience elements.

UI/UX Audits

Gain insights into user interaction patterns on your website, including clicks, navigation behavior, and engagement metrics. Identify opportunities for UI/UX enhancements to improve conversion rates.

SEO Audit Services

Domain Authority serves as a crucial SEO metric, gauging your website’s likelihood to rank prominently in search engine results. Our SEO Audit provides a comprehensive evaluation, yielding a score ranging from 0 to 100. Backlinks originating from various referring domains play a pivotal role in determining your domain authority score. A lower score highlighted in the audit suggests a need for a more robust off-site SEO strategy.

Engaging in SEO campaigns such as link building can effectively accrue additional backlinks for your website, thereby enhancing its authority signals for Google’s algorithms. The audit process also identifies any toxic links within your profile. Disavowing these links can contribute to an improvement in your domain authority score, subsequently enhancing your website’s search rankings.

Domain authority serves as a holistic metric reflecting your website’s overall health in the eyes of Google’s crawlers. The most effective approach to bolstering your site’s authority involves employing white-hat link building techniques, such as creating SEO-focused content with links directed to your website, strategically pitched to publishers and webmasters. Executing link building strategies ethically and effectively is among the most efficient methods for boosting your SEO rankings.

Our SEO audit will uncover your site’s traffic metrics, shedding light on the number of visitors arriving organically. Low traffic levels often indicate insufficient keyword rankings on Google, resulting in limited impressions and clicks. For a detailed breakdown of traffic sources, consult your Google Analytics account.

To boost organic traffic, prioritizing on-page SEO optimizations is essential to ensure your content resonates with user search queries. Optimizing page titles, heading tags, and meta descriptions sends strong signals to search engine bots regarding the relevance of your content to targeted keywords.

Elevating your organic traffic hinges on improving keyword rankings through a blend of on-page and off-site SEO strategies. Our site audit tool provides additional data, empowering our SEO experts to pinpoint areas of your site requiring the most attention to drive increased traffic.

Following an SEO audit of your domain name, our tool will furnish you with insights into the number of keywords your website ranks for in Google search. A greater keyword count translates to increased impressions and potential traffic to your website.

Expanding the number of pages across your entire site, each targeting different keywords, provides search engine bots with more opportunities to showcase your content to users. To achieve SEO success, your web pages must adhere to content quality signals and be optimized for mobile devices. Our SEO experts can provide actionable recommendations to enhance the number of keywords your site ranks for, thereby enhancing overall visibility and SEO performance.

For enhancing your web content’s keyword ranking, utilize our Landing Page Optimizer SEO tool. This tool allows you to instantly enhance on-page SEO for any webpage, thereby improving your site’s performance. By analyzing each webpage currently ranking within the first two search engine results pages (SERPs), this tool generates a list of Focus Terms to integrate into your existing webpage content. Incorporating Quantum Agency’s proprietary Focus Terms can elevate your Quality Score and result in improved rankings.

Enter your URL into the provided text bar, and our technical SEO audit tool will promptly alert you if there are any spammy sites linking to your domain name. It’s essential to prioritize disavowing such links in Google Search Console to enhance the quality of your link profile.

For a swift assessment of Toxic Links, utilize our free SEO audit tool located in the Quantum Agency dashboard – the toxic links checker. This tool generates a detailed report showcasing all domains linking to your site, including metrics like domain rating, trust flow, and citation flow. Additionally, the toxic link checker analyzes each linking domain for toxicity, considering factors such as spam score.

Ensuring a healthy backlink profile is crucial for long-term SEO success. The SEO audit process serves as a valuable resource for identifying and resolving critical SEO issues promptly, helping you avoid potential Google penalties. If you’re new to disavowing links, it’s recommended to consult a technical SEO professional before taking any action regarding your URL.

Our site audit tool can also furnish a strategic plan for your link building and SEO initiatives. The link analysis tool offers comprehensive insights into your referring domains, the quantity of backlinks, and the anchor text utilized by other websites when linking to yours.

Backlinks play a pivotal role in search engine algorithms, and our tool enables you to establish benchmarks for your link building endeavors. Identify the sources of your competitors’ backlinks and determine the number of links required to outperform them in the search engine results pages.

Embarking on a link building campaign presents an effective means to swiftly enhance your site’s rankings, positioning you alongside your competitors on the first page of search engine results.

Through our comprehensive SEO audit, you gain insight into the number of referring domains your competitors possess and their sources of link acquisition. Armed with this information, you can formulate an action plan and checklist to determine the requisite number of links needed to enhance your website’s ranking. Competitor benchmarking is vital for elevating your URL’s ranking frequency and prominence.

Especially for new sites, initiating link building campaigns early on is integral to your overarching SEO strategy. While there are conventional methods to earn links, such as reaching out to business owners for collaborations or securing listings on local directories, the most effective approach involves crafting unique content embedded with links to your web pages, which you then pitch to other webmasters for publication.

Whether you opt for blog posts, long-form articles, or case studies, generating substantial content is pivotal for accruing backlinks from a diverse array of referring domains within your industry. A higher volume of referring domains signals to search engine bots that your site garners trust from numerous publishers across the internet, consequently leading to an increase in search engine rankings for your URL.

In addition to our complimentary technical SEO audit, our experts offer an on-page audit service to pinpoint any content-related issues present on your webpages, such as duplicate content, duplicate pages, broken pages, broken links, or other vulnerabilities. Furthermore, we identify your content strengths to determine which pieces are optimal for inclusion in link building campaigns.

Our experts also ensure that your website adheres to best practices in internal linking, site architecture, URL structure, schema markup, and other critical factors. Upon reviewing your sitemap, we verify that Googlebots effectively index your web pages without encountering any crawl errors, thereby maximizing your website’s crawl budget and prioritizing the most important pages for ranking.

Should any additional technical issues arise, we provide actionable insights on rectifying them and offer guidance on preventing similar SEO issues from affecting new pages in the future.

Our team of digital marketers offers a personalized audit of your local citations using our free tool. We take the time to ensure that your citations are consistent across different directories, making sure your brand information, like your business phone number and operating hours, is accurate. Our tool also checks popular online review sites to spot any missing or inconsistent details in your business profiles.

The local SEO site audit provides valuable insights into where search engine crawlers look for your off-site signals. It’s like peeking behind the scenes of your online presence. Not only does it highlight areas for improvement, but it also gives you practical steps to boost your visibility in location-based searches.

Benefits of SEO Audit Services

Comprehensive Insights

Many website owners ponder over how effectively their content resonates with their intended audience and the overall user experience of their site. However, it’s equally crucial to consider the crawlability of your entire website, especially if it boasts a substantial number of pages, and how Googlebots perceive your site. Utilizing the analytics and metrics offered by an audit tool, website owners can gain a more comprehensive understanding of how to enhance their websites.

SEO Action Plan

For our new clients encountering challenges in achieving search result rankings, initiating an SEO campaign with a site audit is advisable. An SEO audit report serves as a definitive starting point for determining the most effective strategies to enhance organic search traffic. Through an SEO audit, you can ascertain whether emphasis should be placed on technical SEO, sitemap submission, internal linking enhancement, redirect elimination, site structure modification, local search optimization, or other pertinent strategies.

SEO Budgeting

Prior to allocating your marketing budget to various aspects of search engine optimization, our SEO audits can assist in identifying where your funds will be most efficiently utilized. While many technical SEO enhancements are cost-effective, implementing substantial changes to homepage design, schema markup, or embarking on a link building campaign requires a more significant investment. Through a technical SEO audit, new clients can gain valuable insights into the optimal direction for their SEO strategy.



Yes. Our free tool provides preliminary insights into your on-page SEO and backlink profile. However, it's advisable to undergo a more comprehensive SEO audit before initiating any SEO campaign. Our full SEO audits offer additional insights not covered by our tool, including crawl budget, XML sitemap analysis, page speed assessment, user experience evaluation, PageRank and link juice distribution analysis, identification of duplicate content issues, and more.

No, you don't. Our tools are accessible in your dashboard irrespective of whether you engage in an SEO campaign with us. Our award-winning SEO software boasts all the functionalities of popular tools like Semrush, Ahrefs, Screaming Frog, and others, but at a more competitive price point. Our tools are utilized by digital marketers and website owners across various industries, from e-commerce sites to enterprise-level websites.

Yes, it does. It also assesses your backlinks, keyword rankings, toxic backlinks, and more. For a more comprehensive analysis of your site, including the evaluation of your page titles, bounce rate, meta descriptions, external links, or to determine if your site would benefit from technical SEO optimizations such as canonical URLs, schedule a call with one of our SEO strategists.


Yes, clients of Quantum Agency gain access to our exclusive SEO software suite. Upon completion of the high-level SEO audit, you'll have the option to enroll in our SEO dashboard, where you can utilize additional SEO tools such as our landing page optimizer and Google Search Console tool.

In addition to our backlinks analyzer, you'll have access to our keyword tracker, enabling you to monitor your rankings for targeted keywords. The keyword tracker also provides metrics such as search volume and cost-per-click for all tracked terms. Generating organic traffic from keywords with no search volume is improbable, and conversions for search terms with lower CPCs are unlikely. This tool can also facilitate light keyword research as you identify keyword targets that your ideal audience is already using to discover products and services.

Yes, we do. If your website is experiencing technical challenges related to usability, website speed, mobile friendliness, page load speed, or other UI/UX issues, our audits can assist in identifying pain points. Our UI/UX designers can enhance the overall page experience of your website to better align with the needs of your users and the search engine crawlers that index your pages. If your organic traffic fails to convert, it might be time to contemplate a website redesign that prioritizes conversion-optimized CTAs, contact forms, product and category pages, and more.

From internal linking structures and canonical tags to addressing duplicate content and optimizing PageSpeed Insights scores, there are numerous critical technical elements that could hinder your site's search ranking. If your website lacks schema markup or hasn't submitted an XML sitemap in Google Search Console, Google's crawlers may struggle to identify and understand your site's most important pages. Moreover, if your site suffers from slow loading times or performs poorly on both desktop and mobile platforms, you may experience high bounce rates, which can negatively impact your search ranking. Conducting a thorough technical SEO audit, which covers every facet of your website, is essential. Our audits meticulously examine each data point to provide a comprehensive understanding of your site's performance.

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