White Label PPC Setup and Management – Google Ads

$500.00 / month and a $750.00 sign-up fee

White Label Google Ads PPC Setup and Management solution for agencies and client campaigns. Simple, straightforward, and affordable pricing with expert setup, deployment, and management by a trusted White Label Marketing partner.

Website traffic retargeting is one of the most underrated and underutilized strategies to bring first-time website visitors back to your website again where the conversion rates begin to skyrocket after a repeat visit. Don’t let website traffic be wasted by not retargeting those website visitors! NOTE: this add-on includes the ad spend


What’s Included In Setup

  • 15-30 Minute Onboarding Call
  • Account & Campaign Setup for ONE social platform
  • Landing Page integration (landing page setup/design separate if needed here)
  • Conversion tracking implementation for calls and lead form submissions
  • Expert Campaign Setup (including keyword research, ad copy, audience targeting, ad extensions, neg keywords)

What’s Included in Management

  • Monthly Account Management and Optimizations
  • Agency/Client Reporting Dashboard in Google Data Studio

Simple Monthly Management Cost Structure

  • $500 per month flat management fee up to $2500 ad spend
  • 20% management fee above $2500-3000

Optional Add-On

  • Website Traffic Retargeting Campaign

White-Label Marketing Solutions & Software

for Agencies/Resellers Only

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