Google Asset Stacks Should Be a Part of the Digital Brand Asset Strategy

Google Entity Stacks for Building Domain and Entity Authority

At Quantum Agency, they use a custom build of a “Google Asset Stack” for brand entity authority building purposes. They build Google asset stacks or Google authority stacks ultimately for better SEO rankings but to get better rankings, they have to build the domain authority and the entity authority of the company they want to help lift in the rankings for the keywords that really matter to that client and their ideal prospects.

At the end of the day and in nearly all circumstances, it is the GMB listings and web pages of the entities that have the most authority that you find on the first page of Google search for the best keywords.

Google Asset Stack

Building Entity Authority and Domain Authority

Build your brand entity authority and domain authority with a Google entity stack and then power it up with some quality content and a Quantum Newswire press release for better SEO rankings in Google Maps and Google organic SERPs.

What is a Google Asset Stack?

Simply put, it’s a cohesive, branded set of Google properties including a branded Gmail account, Google Site, Google Sheet, Google Slide deck, Google Business.site, Google Doc and more.

Google Asset Stacking

Why Build a Google Entity Stack?

That’s a great question and a likely one. Well, let’s apply rational logic from the perspective of Google and Googlebot. All of the properties in a Google Asset Stack are Google-owned properties and Google loves Google. It’s just a fact. But in all well-intentioned efforts, a brand should be filling these Google-owned properties with quality, relevant content. In essence, these properties all score 100 out of 100 on the authority scale from big G’s perspective. Push relevant content into these assets with some strategy behind it and I think you will come to see why these are valuable components of a sound SEO strategy. 

Getting a GMB listing and a web page into page one of the SERPs is typically done (building up the domain authority of a company) with content and links to sites that are relevant in their industry and using SEO best practices on articles, blog posts, and so forth. Building domain authority and entity authority is an entire topic unto itself but these are the core drivers of rankings in the SERPS for money keywords as long as you have your entity and domain relevancy nailed through great technical on-page SEO strategies and best practices.

Google Asset Stacks Build Entity AuthorityThe Google Entity Stack, aka Google Asset Stack, service Quantum provides is a great way to build up domain and entity authority, giving your company the ability to rank in page one of SERPS for money keywords. To give you an idea about how powerful this can be, consider that GMBs with anchor text from other web pages on page one get four times more clicks than those without it. If you have SEO as a component of your marketing strategy then this will definitely help drive traffic through your site which leads (or should lead) into profitability.

Lane Houk, the lead SEO strategist for Quantum Agency said, “Google’s algorithm changes every year or so but I find myself consistently recommending SEO strategies over anything else because they are cost-effective and long-term when done properly – both aspects that make them perfect for business owners who want to grow their sales which makes these solid strategies for any agency owner who serves local businesses.”

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