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Finally a 21st century press release & content marketing engine for a content-driven World.

Building Authority Links Is A Challenge No Longer. With Quantum Agency's Proprietary Content And Press Release Marketing Engine.

Press Releases were a foundational solution offered to businesses as part of web presence, search visibility, SEO and brand marketing campaigns. After using many different PR services, we decided to develop an all white-label, agency-driven PR platform with specific features, functions and pricing to help other marketing agencies and resellers around the globe build press releases and PR marketing into a serious revenue channel with unmatched features in a PR platform.

Quantum Indexing

Most PR services flush the press release after 30 days. Quantum Agency releases stay live on our premium media sites for up to 90 days. This means more pickups get indexed and show up in search.

Google Maps API Integration

Agencies that focus on Local SEO will love the GMB signals the Quantum platform generates through our direct Google Maps API integration. Contact us to learn more or schedule a demo.

Inline Video Embeds

Add in-line images and videos at no extra cost. While most PR platforms charge extra to add videos or images, this is a standard feature with Quantum Agency. Just copy/paste your video embed code directly in the article.

Permanent Archives

Our platform creates a permanent archive of every PR pickup from every site. Permanent PR archiving preserves the presence of the PR on all media sites + creates a permanent link for the PR for each of these media site pickups.

Signal Reporting Dashboard

Our new signal reporting dashboard is scheduled to be released in the first week of March 2020 which will provide aggregate signal reporting for each company you add to your agency account.

In-App Training & Support

We get it, supporting the platform is expected but we put real thought, strategy, time and effort into our support and training technology. We have a growing knowledge base to help our customers be successful with cutting-edge PR and content marketing training.

Powered By Your Brand

Content and press release marketing always private labeled to your agency brand. We strategically position your agency as the public relations contact and publisher of your client’s content that is published on the major ABC, NBC, FOX and CBS media sites.


Online conversations about local businesses are increasing, and these companies depend on strong search results and positive word of mouth to help drive foot traffic into your stores. With Reputation Monitoring, small and medium businesses can:

  • Hear what your customers are saying on review sites, blogs, and social networks
  • Improve search engine rank by unifying online listings
  • Monitor employees’ activity on social media
  • See how they stack up against competition
  • Receive regular, actionable reports that help improve your online presence

White-Label Marketing Solutions & Software

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