Managed Web Presence SEO – Advanced-Level/High Competition – Monthly Recurring

$1,750.00 / month and a $250.00 sign-up fee

Monthly managed SEO and web presence optimization for one business/location with high levels of competition for keywords and the geographic market the business location is competing in OR, alternatively, this is the right package for businesses that have up to 5 GMB business categories and/or 5 different topical keyword themes.

Ask for supplemental info on what’s included. See below for additional details.

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Wholesale Cost: $1500/month
Suggested Retail Price: $2500/month

Monthly managed SEO and web presence optimization for one business/location with high levels of competition for keywords and the geographic market the business location is competing in OR, alternatively, this is the right package for businesses that have up to 4 GMB business categories and/or 4 different topical keyword themes.

Managed Web Presence & SEO Details ($1500/mo value):

  • White-label executive reporting software suite (client and agency have access)
  • Weekly and monthly KPIs executive report for the client
  • White-label social media management software (self-service with Facebook and GMB integrations)
  • White-label reputation management software (self-service with Facebook and GMB integrations)
  • Custom website signaling technology deployed to the client’s website AND in Amazon Cloud
    • Enterprise Media Room integration
    • Twitter API integration
    • Reddit API integration
    • GBP/Google Reviews API integration
    • Google Maps API integration
  • Custom content syndication and distribution strategy
  • Five (5) custom-written, keyword-optimized articles per month STARTING IN MONTH TWO.
  • Ongoing technical SEO (GMB and Website) strategy and optimizations
  • Yext® or Uberall® Listing Sync subscription for authoritative listings/citations
  • Listing Aggregators (4) Sync subscription (Factual, Data Axle, Foursquare, Neustar/LocalEze)
  • NAP consistency tracking and management
  • Monthly SEO signal generation with Quantum Newswire press release
    • Monthly GMB signals
    • Monthly Citation signals 
    • Monthly On-Page signals (website pages, 3rd party pages)
    • Monthly Behavioral signals (traffic, clicks, shares)
  • Tier 1 and Tier 2 link building strategies to each article and press release
Scope of Core GMB Optimization Services:
  • Local Web Presence Audit and Graded Report
  • Top Local Competitor Research and Report
  • GMB NAP audit and updates/corrections (we audit against the USPS system)
  • GMB Hours audit and updates as needed
  • GMB Categories optimization
  • GMB Service Area(s) optimization
  • GMB Description optimization
  • GMB Business.site publication
  • GMB URL optimization
  • GMB Services optimization (services content generated from website)
  • GMB Photos optimization (requires photos of the interior, exterior office and team and/or product images supplied by client)
  • 4 GMB/GBP signal clusters (Q&A, photo, post = 1 cluster)
Signal Boost

Quantum Signal Boost™ is a proprietary solution to dramatically enhance the efficacy of a press release published on our platform. In short, we take the press release version of the article and spin it into a few different versions. These alternate versions are then posted to over 1000 different blog accounts and profiles with links pointing to the Google site from the entity stack and/or the hosted media room article. We also sprinkle in some RWTS (Real World Traffic Simulation) which is human-emulated traffic and click-throughs on the articles and other brand assets. This is a very effective process that takes about 2-3 weeks after we have published the press release to the media rooms.

What are some of the unique features of the Quantum Signal Boost™ service?

    • Only High Domain Authority Websites.
    • We DON’T use spammy websites and services just to say that we have a ton of websites.
    • 10 types of keywords for maximum diversity.
    • Advanced Link Matching Feature.
    • Auto Link Diversity using an accurate percentage of keywords used.
    • Articles keywords and links are calculated using a real algorithm to ensure keyword diversity.
    • Duplicate protection. Real duplicate protection algorithm that ensures unique keywords and links in each article.
    • Accounts protection. Bind your accounts with specific proxies and avoid bans.
    • Google safe using 100% RWTS/Human Emulation with a real browser (Chrome).

Please Note: We do not provide a complete website overhaul as part of our monthly packages. We conduct one-hour monthly improvements to the GMB listing and/or the website pages relating to technical SEO improvements but this is not a replacement for a full website technical SEO and on-page SEO overhaul which many sites really need, including better content and/or additional content to deepen the website’s relevancy for the target keywords. If this type of larger project is needed or desired, this can be discussed and we can provide a scope of work and price estimate for you and the client.

If your client needs a new website we can provide an estimate for you with payment options you can present to the prospect/client, just ask! We can affordably design, re-design or convert existing websites at wholesale costs. 

Have Questions? Book a Demo + Q&A Strategy Session here: https://book.quantumagency.io 

Cloud Marketing & Reporting SaaS

White-Labeled web presence center in the cloud provides weekly and monthly executive report with GMB insights, Google Analytics, Social insights, GMB listing and posting management, social media management, reputation management and direct integrations to the four major data aggregator providers and the Uberall directory listing ecosystem with direct listing sync capabilities.

White-Label Marketing Solutions & Software

for Agencies/Resellers Only

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