Starter SEO Campaign – Basic Level – Monthly Recurring

$225.00 / month and a $250.00 sign-up fee


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Our Starter Level SEO Campaign includes:

  • Custom website signaling technology deployed to the client’s website AND in Amazon Cloud
    • Enterprise Media Room integration
    • Twitter API integration
    • Reddit API integration
    • GBP/Google Reviews API integration
    • Google Maps API integration
  • One (1) custom, optimized press release/blog article starting in month one
  • Press Release distribution and publication with guaranteed pickups
  • 80-120 Do Follow Links per month
  • 20 citation signals per month
  • 40 brand mentions per month
  • Tier 2 and Tier 3 supporting links (signal boost)
  • Human traffic emulation (signal boost)
  • Cloud Reporting dashboard
  • Signal Report monthly

This solution does NOT include:

Quantum Signal Boost™ is a proprietary solution to dramatically enhance the efficacy of a press release published on our platform. In short, we take the press release version of the article and spin it into a few different versions. These alternate versions are then posted to over 1000 different blog accounts and profiles with links pointing to the Google site from the entity stack and/or the hosted media room article. We also sprinkle in some RWTS (Real World Traffic Simulation) which is human-emulated traffic and click-throughs on the articles and other brand assets. This is a very effective process that takes about 2-3 weeks after we have published the press release to the media rooms.

What are some of the unique features of the Quantum Signal Boost™ service?

  • Only High Domain Authority Websites.
  • We DON’T use spammy websites and services just to say that we have a ton of websites.
  • 10 types of keywords for maximum diversity.
  • Advanced Link Matching Feature.
  • Auto Link Diversity using an accurate percentage of keywords used.
  • Articles keywords and links are calculated using a real algorithm to ensure keyword diversity.
  • Duplicate protection. Real duplicate protection algorithm that ensures unique keywords and links in each article.
  • Accounts protection. Bind your accounts with specific proxies and avoid bans.
  • Google safe using 100% RWTS/Human Emulation with a real browser (Chrome).

NOTE: This solution MAY NOT be enough to move the needle on the map and organic rankings. Monitor the results after 3 months of service but this is the starter level for a reason and we cannot guarantee that this will be enough content and signal generation to achieve page 1 rankings in every case. We reserve the right to implement other components at a later date to help the campaign after the first 90 days and determine outcome analysis.

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