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Premium PR Channel Distributions to Benzinga™, DigitalJournal™, Newsmax™

This can be added on to any single or recurring press release or any white label SEO campaign. When added to an SEO campaign, ONE (1) of the PRs we author each month will receive at least two of the premium channels as an upgrade.

Technical and On-Page SEO Labor

This can be added to any white label SEO campaign. When added to an SEO campaign, we will do additional on-page SEO or technical work necessary to help improve website authority, core web vitals and better technical SEO on a page by page basis as time allows.

Guaranteed approval or your money back. Good for any type of site! No restrictions on site type or category.

After approving your domain in the Google publisher center your site content will show in and in the Google news app. 

Need a website developed and designed from scratch plus the Google News site setup and approval? No problem! Just add this 7 page site solution to your cart as well and we will design and deploy a new WordPress website with 20 hours of custom design using any of these starter themes! 

NOTE: All you have to do is add to cart, check out and pay. As soon as you have paid, copy the order number to your clipboard and send the order number PLUS WordPress site admin username and password. Email the order number and WP login credentials to: 

Requires a WordPress CMS site. That’s it!

Benefits of having a Google News Approved site:

  • Instant increase in website authority status
  • Rapid article indexing
  • Increase in domain authority over time
  • Better organic traffic
  • More links to your website
  • Automatic and fast SEO with less effort
  • Immediate presence in the Google News app
  • Appear directly in the “Google News” tab on the SERP page (like the one you have for images, so to speak)
  • Google Discover, the new Google feed based on an improved knowledge graph capable of providing personalized results based on the Google search history of a single user.

Perfect solution for:

  • Authors
  • Podcast creators
  • Local Companies
  • Non-profits
  • Influencers
  • Agencies
  • Directory platforms
  • More!

Google News Quality Guidelines are:

  • An imprint with all possible contact information.
  • All authors or editors must be specified on an editorial page or in the imprint.
  • The entire website must be written and reviewed by a multi-author / writer organization.
  • The website and news articles should not be overloaded with advertising.
  • Sponsorship must be explicit.
  • Create content regularly (new and current).
  • The content must have been written (at best) by the website’s own wording.
  • The content and the article must be quite current for the specific Hot topics.
  • No off-topic content should be published
  • You cannot advertise only your own activities.
  • As many articles as possible must be available on Google News before registration.
  • It should be quite clear that the content of the article has journalistic standards. Forums, simple blog posts, will not be included in Google News Site. Editorial content with a press nature is mandatory.
  • All type of News can be covered such as Business News, Celebrity News, Entertainment News, Financial News, Health News etc

Example of a Live Google News site:
Google News publication link:

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